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Dateline: September 27, 2008
Reliable Wholesale Lumber, Inc.

Southern California's Premier Independent Lumber Company Launches New Hardware Division:

After more than eighty-three years of superior service to the Southern California framing industry, The Reliable Companies has decided to employ their vast experience in bringing a top notch hardware and supply component to their product offering.

"Lumber and Hardware are a perfect marriage," says Jerry Higman, owner of The Reliable Companies. He adds, "We will remain sensitive to the loyalties and commitments that have taken a lifetime to build on the lumber side of the business, while we present a world class hardware company to the markets that we already serve"... Jerry continues, "We will maintain a separation of the two companies for now, as we draw strength from both." Shared services will help strengthen Reliable Hardware and Supply's overall performance as the new hardware company moves to expand its customer base and geographic locations." Higman emphasizes that, "Our goal has always been to provide our trade partners with high quality products at competitive prices, while ensuring the very best level of customer service possible."

"The ease of single source supply will be a defining moment in your organization."

Reliable Wholesale Lumber, Inc. is California's largest independent forest products distributor with central locations servicing Southern California and Las Vegas. Reliable specializes in servicing specialty contractors wholesale buyers, industrial contractors, and custom home builders. Reliable has performed the distribution, remanufacturing and milling of forest products to these market segments in California, Arizona and Nevada since 1928.

Ever mindful of our humble beginnings, Reliable Hardware & Supply already enjoys a prominent position as a key job site supplier to some of the largest production framing contractors in California and Nevada. Reliable Wholesale Lumber's market presence, commitment to the client, elevated level of performance and state-of-the art organizational disciplines, will help establish a firm foundation for the strength and continued growth of its hardware and supply division.

We trust that our innovation, integrity and experience will warrant your consideration!

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