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Seaboard Asphalt Equinox Asphalt Gilsonite Driveway Sealer


Seaboard Asphalt Products

Seaboard Asphalt LN-11 Equinox Asphalt Gilsonite Driveway Sealer
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Quick Overview
  • Basic Uses : Seaboard Equinox Sealer is used as a rejuvenator and sealer on bituminous asphalt parking lots and driveways.
  • Limitations : DO NOT HEAT container. DO NOT APPLY on bituminous surfaces before they oxidize 60-90 days, inclined driveways, or over surfaces with a coal tar coating.
  • Application : Seaboard Equinox Sealer should be applied to a thoroughly clean and dry bituminous surface after all cracks and holes have been filled with Seaboard Crackfiller. The material may be applied by brush, squeegee, or spray equipment at a rate of 60-80 square feet per gallon.
  • Storage : Seaboard Equinox Sealer can be used year round and the only protection would be from weathering on the container.
  • Composition : Asphalt - CAS 8052-42-4, Mineral Spirits - CAS 64741-41-9, Gilsonite - CAS 12002-43-6
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Seaboard Equinox Sealer is a superior gilsonite driveway sealer that dries to a beautiful black glossy surface.
Additional Information
Manufacturer: Seaboard Asphalt Products
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